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Manhole Rehabilitation & Concrete Reservoir Repair

Repairing and maintaining municipal infrastructure such as leaking manholes, cracked pipes, and damaged reservoirs can cost thousands of taxpayer dollars each year. Natural erosion over time leads to settlement and eventually results in sinking roadways, sinkholes, and unstable infrastructure. Unaddressed, damage caused by water erosion requires major repairs.

Much of the infrastructure in America is pushing 25 years old and maintaining and repairing crumbling essential assets strains city and state budgets. URETEK ICR offers a no-excavation, environmentally safe* solution that offers significant cost savings over traditional infrastructure rehabilitation methods. Our patented structural polymer is hydro-insensitive and expands quickly to remediate water control issues with minimal downtime or utility closures. The repair process can be completed efficiently in wet and dry conditions and is never completed by contracted labor. In fact, most of URETEK’s repair supervisors have over a decade of experience applying the versatile URETEK product to a diverse array of applications.

URETEK is Your Water Control Solution For:

  • Eliminating inflow infiltration
  • Rehabilitating manholes and sealing pipes and joints
  • Controlling erosion and preventing settlement
  • Sealing leaks caused by hydrostatic pressure
  • Reinforcing spillways, reservoirs, and dam structures

The URETEK Method® works to fill cracks and voids while providing superior soil stabilization simultaneously. URETEK’s experienced technicians inject our expanding structural polymer through precision insertion points immediately sealing leaks and stabilizing the surrounding soil. The polymer works to solidify the supporting structure around manholes, pipes, and beneath roadways and stops leaking and water erosion.

With over 85,000 successful projects it is easy to see why URETEK ICR is the choice for water control and soil stabilization. URETEK and its affiliates boast an industry leading warranty to guarantee a long lasting solution.

*NSF61 Certified Safe for Potable Water

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