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The Deep Injection® Process Features:

  • Small, penny-sized (5/8″ Inch) injection probes
  • No furniture, appliance, or landscape removal/relocation
  • Small amounts of debris generated from process
  • Business continues during process
  • Substantial improvement in load bearing capacity

The ideal solution for:

  • Re-compaction and consolidation of weak soil strata
  • Increase and improve load bearing capacity under structures
  • Bonding uncompacted soil strata and open fissures
  • Sealing and compacting unstable soil around sea walls, ports, and bulkheads
  • Densify and support deficient public and private infrastructure
  • Shallow and deep sinkhole remediation

Soil Stabilization Injection Services & Techniques

The Deep Injection® Process for soil stabilization was developed, patented, and currently utilized exclusively by URETEK ICR affiliates.  The patented process is a non-destructive, extremely effective soil compaction and densification process to improve load bearing capacity of weak or loose soil strata.  Utilized across the world by URETEK affiliates, the process is extremely versitile and is applied in a number of soil stabilization projects.

Soil Stabilization with URETEK’s Deep Injection® Process

The Deep Injection® Process is ideal for highways, bridge approaches, sinkhole remediation, infrastructure sealing at depth, as well as taxiways, runways, tunnels and any other structure with settlement problems caused by a poor sub-base and soil compaction.

Worth the Watch: The Soil Stabilizing Injection Process in Action

How it works:

The Deep Injection® Process employs URETEK’s high density expanding polymer material to fill, densify, and stabilize low-density compressible soils to depths of 30 feet and beyond. After initial dynamic cone-penetrometer tests and engineering evaluation of the project needs and soils, 1/2″ – 3/4″ holes are drilled to the various effected strata levels. Multiple injections at varying depths can be made to build columns of vertical support that reach in excess of 40 feet. Specific injection grid patterns are engineered to maximize the support. The system places the unique hydro-insensitive material precisely at the soil strata depth in question, improving the soil’s compaction and re-aligning the surface pavement or slab as required. The process places URETEK’s unique hydro-insensitive material precisely at the soil strata depth in question, improving the soil’s compaction and re-aligning the surface pavement or slab as required.


Key Benefits of The Deep Injection® Process:

  • Long Lasting – URETEK expanding structural resin is a specially formulated hydro-insensitive material. It has a high degree of tensile strength, extending its longevity with is typically guaranteed for approximately 10 years against any loss of dimensional stability and deterioration
  • Fast Acting – Time requirements for The Deep Injection® Process are reduced to hours instead of the days or weeks required for other techniques. Time needed for project completion is dramatically reduced, and as a result normal operations can be restored to full use more quickly.
  • Hydro-insensitive – For heavily saturated soil conditions, the unique chemistry of URETEK’s polymer material prevents weak cross-linking at the time the material is injected preventing any further water infiltration. The strong link that is created prevents any material breakdown from occurring when the polymer is exposed to subsequent amounts of water. The material is excellent for sealing underground pipes by surrounding the leaking joint or affected area.
  • Lightweight – URETEK’s polymer material is extremely lightweight, weighing less than 5% of a comparable quantity of cement/concrete based grouts. As a result, a minimal amount of additional overburden weight is introduced into the already distressed sub-grade soils.
  • Environmentally Friendly – The cured polymer material is inert, environmentally neutral, and does not contribute to soil or water contamination, leaching, or pollution.

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