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Soil Erosion Solutions & Prevention:

Soil Erosion Control From URETEK


When it comes to structural foundations – water and soil don’t mix. Water flow around and beneath structures will inevitably result in erosion of soils causing instability, uneven pavement, and even sinkholes. Left alone, washout wreaks havoc on soil subgrade and underlying supporting soils.

URETEK ICR provides the solution to washout and resulting soil erosion.

  • Our patented structural polymer is applied through a non-invasive, zero excavation injection process to seal joints and cracks and ensure a lasting repair.
  • With the URETEK hydro-insensitive polymer in place future washout and soil erosion complications are eliminated.

No other method for mitigation of soil erosion offers the same environmentally safe, zero excavation, long-lasting results that URETEK ICR provides. As the polymer expands to fill void pockets in soil and structural cracks and joints it also displaces water and moisture with no absorption. Within 15 minutes of application the polymer reaches 90% strength eliminating the need to prepare the site or remove water ahead of time. URETEK’s teams are trained to quickly diagnose and mitigate soil erosion at the source.

Erosion Prevention

The best time to contact URETEK is before soil erosion occurs. The URETEK Method® is just as effective for preventing future soil erosion complications as it is for treating existing problem areas. Allow URETEK ICR’s technicians to assist you in fortifying existing erosion prone soil and structures by developing a prevention plan that works.


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Soil Erosion Solutions & Prevention