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Railway Foundation Repair & Stabilization

Screen Shot 2012-09-24 at 4.48.06 PMThe railways we depend on for transportation and freight have been engineered to last. Nonetheless, certain levels of degradation and attrition are expected over time under any track.

Premature subgrade failure and insufficient blanket material between railway ballast construction and the sleeper bed can contribute to and accelerate wear. Progressive shear failure is another common culprit for uneven railway foundation wear.

Below the surface, the shifting and variation in ballast and subgrade material can lead to excessive settlement in the soil supporting the rail foundation. Prevention is essential but when the damage has been done soil stabilization is necessary to keep the rails open.

Fast. Accurate. Permanent.

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URETEK to the Rescue

railway_slideAt URETEK ICR we understand the importance of stabilizing the underlying soil to ensure the structural integrity of a sinking railway. Signs such as mud pumping and wet spots along a railway can indicate unwanted settlement below. URETEK’s trained technicians can diagnose railway foundation issues and provide a lasting and trustworthy solution.

The patented URETEK Deep Injection Process delivers reliable soil compaction and strata stabilization with minimal downtime. URETEK’s unique structural polymer will work deep below the surface to fill voids, displace water, and increase the overall load bearing capacity of the railway foundation above.

WATCH: URETEK Stabilizes Busy Railway


  • Rail & Track Raising
  • Crossing Realignment
  • Track Bed Restoration
  • Ballast Stabilization
  • Sinkhole Remediation

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