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Concrete Pool Repair & Leveling

URETEK has the solutions to get your pool ready for summer.

The Problem // Pool Settlement & Soil Erosion

Do you have any of these symptoms?

  • Interior Cracks
  • Unlevel Water
  • Deck Settlement
  • Trip Hazards


Concrete settlement happens to many structures at some point during their life span.

Swimming pools are no exception.

The Solution // URETEK

URETEK’s proven technology utilizes a high-density expanding polymer injection process to lift, realign, and stabilize un-even pools and natatoriums… Leaving you worry free so you can enjoy your pool again.

Our URETEK polymer is injected under the pool through small holes (Penny-sized 5/8” inch), as the material expands weak soil is compacted and the load bearing capacity of the soil is increased. Once the soil is compacted, the URETEK material gently lifts the structure back to it’s proper level, resulting in a restored, stabilized pool that’s ready for swimmers.

I have used URETEK’s services for commercial and residential properties. I am very please with the results and gladly recommend your company to anyone needing this type of service.

Mr. Thompson

Pool Owner, Property Owner - Texas

The URETEK injection process was definitely less expensive and less invasive than the alternative.


Fair Oaks, California

Benefits of URETEK

History of Success

As the first to develop the technology for non-disruptive ground engineering by injecting expanding polymer, collectively URETEK has successfully completed over 100,000 projects spanning 3 decades.

Long Lasting Solution

URETEK’s solutions are long term and dependable. The URETEK Polymer is guaranteed for ten years against any loss of dimensional stability or deterioration.

Environmentally Friendly

URETEK polymer is guaranteed to meet or exceed environmental requirements, it is environmentally neutral, and does not contribute to soil or water contamination.

Fast Installation

The URETEK Process is done quickly & efficiently. Time requirements for the repair are reduced to hours instead of days or weeks like alternative repair techniques.


The URETEK Material displaces trapped water and is not compromised by wet conditions during or after installation, making the material excellent for sealing cracks or joints.


URETEK is the most cost effective solution, downtime is minimal and cosmetic damages that other methods can cause are reduced dramatically.