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Infrastructure Stabilization & Repair

As America’s aging infrastructure crumbles, URETEK’s innovative solutions are put to the test. So why URETEK for Infrastructure Repair? CONTROL.

  • Save money by extending the life of city infrastructure
  • Quickly eliminate infiltration into manholes and culverts
  • Avoid public congestion problems for surrounding communities
  • Safely rehabilitate soil erosion with environmentally safe solutions

Worth the Watch: URETEK’s Zero Excavation Infrastructure Repair

URETEK Infrastructure Repair Checklist



  • No Contract LaborURETEK supervisors and technicians are employees and are thoroughly trained to perform URETEK projects correctly and efficiently – with safety being top priority.
  • Approved MaterialsURETEK structural grade polymer has been tested to meet quality and environmental requirements for infrastructure applications.  URETEK polymer is NSF 61 certified and is safe to inject around public water sources.
  • Supervisors on SiteMost URETEK supervisors have over 10 years experience with structural polymer…  Simply put – We know our stuff.
  • Track RecordCollectively, we have completed over 85,000 successful projects spanning 2 decades, with extensive knowledge and experience to restore and rehabilitate leaky, deficient infrastructure.
  • WarrantiesUpon completion of your project, you will be presented with an industry leading warranty.  Check with your local URETEK affiliate for more details on warranties and service agreements.
  • InsuranceNationwide affiliates carry all necessary insurance required to perform URETEK concrete lifting, foundation repair, and soil stabilization projects.

NSF/ANSI 61 Certification

NSF/ANSI Standard 61 – Drinking Water System Components was published in 1988 to establish minimum requirements for the control of potential adverse human health effects from products that contact drinking water.
NSF/ANSI Standard 61 includes criteria for testing and evaluating products to ensure they do not leach contaminants into the water that would be a health concern. These contaminants include those regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and Health Canada, as well as any other non-regulated compounds that may be of concern.


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