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Concrete Lifting & Slab Raising Solutions


How To Raise a Concrete Slab Cost Effectively

The URETEK Method® for raising sunken concrete involves drilling penny sized injection holes into concrete slabs and filling the voids underneath with an organic structural polymer that lifts the settling concrete slab. The URETEK Method® utilizes URETEK polymer to lift, realign, under-seal, and void fill concrete slabs, which are resting directly on base soils.

Concrete Floor Leveling & Slab Jacking with Polyurethane Foam

Our polyurethane concrete lifting method was developed and is used as an alternative to concrete mudjacking utilizing non-destructive, extremely effective concrete leveling solution that keeps company costs and downtime, or homeowner inconvenience to a minimum.

Structural Concrete & Slab Repair Services

Be sure to check out our video below or contact us for a free quote to get a better understanding of how The URETEK Method® supports foundation repair for concrete slabs.

The Cost Efficient Concrete Lifting URETEK Method® Features:

  • Small, penny-sized (5/8″ Inch) injection holes.
  • No furniture or appliance moving
  • Small amounts of debris vacuumed immediately
  • No carpet or tile removal
  • After injection, holes are grouted and sealed

The ideal solution for:

  • sinking or sunken concrete foundations
  • high-traffic commercial and industrial slabs
  • trip hazards and mismatched concrete panels
  • unstable concrete due to soil saturation (slab pumping)
  • drainage issues caused sunken concrete
  • unstable railways and port docks


I watched the problem area change to smooth, level concrete in just 3-4 minutes. It really surprised me!  I’m very satisfied. It was a good experience to see what the URETEK sales rep was telling me was true, I like that.  Mr. Erwin

Homeowner, Missouri

They arrived on time, were very professional and left the house as clean as when they first started. Homeowner

Ventura, California

I’ve used this product several times in repairing single and multi-family properties and have been amazed how well this product works with minimal damage to finish flooring in the home. Highly recommend! Mr. Ricketson

CEO, Construction Defect Investigations

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