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Soil Stabilization Solutions – Method, Process & Technique

URETEK puts customers in control of their concrete lifting and soil stabilization problems, reducing repair cost, time, and disruption through patented, safe, predictable products, methods, and people.

The URETEK Method® for Concrete Lifting and Stabilization

URETEK offers quick, clean, effective concrete lifting and soil stabilization solutions to raise sagging residential foundations, realign and stabilize high traffic commercial and industrial slabs, and aging infrastructure applications including railways and concrete docks.

Soil Stabilization Technique

The URETEK Method® is a solution with a track record of success for the past 2 decadesThe URETEK Method was developed as a non-destructive, extremely effective concrete lifting solution that keeps company downtime, or homeowner inconvenience to a minimum. Most projects are completed in one to two days.

 The Deep Injection® Process for Soil Densification at Depth

URETEK offers a variety of soil stabilization solutions to customers for densifying lose or weakened soil strata beneath concrete structures.

Soil Stabilization Process

URETEK’s patented, Deep Injection® Process is a proven, non-destructive, extremely effective solution to increase soil load bearing capacity through densification of weak or lose soil strata at various depths beneath a structure.  The Deep Injection Process is a surgical process to compact weak soil zones without major debris or construction equipment involvement.

Zero Excavation Infrastructure Repair

URETEK utilizes patented, high-density polymer to effectively seal leaking infrastructure such as manholes, lateral lines, culverts, and numerous other inflow and infiltration applications WITHOUT excavation.  URETEK’s infrastructure repair solutions save communities millions of dollars in unnecessary waste water treatment costs by sealing infrastructure leaks that add additional groundwater to treat for waste water treatment facilities.


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