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Technical Information

Completing over 85,000 successful projects in a span of 20 years requires consistency in excellent service and superior materials.

soilmaterialbondfortimelineURETEK’s engineering department, working with industry leading developmental chemists, test URETEK’s patented polymers for consistent quality and performance. Maximizing polymer performance through efficient, eco-friendly procedures, URETEK keeps a consistent, high-quality material, leading the industry and providing clients with a superior value.

URETEK’s Engineering department perform tests on site and in simulated conditions, using the results to maximize effectiveness of both polymer and procedure for the client.

These tests include, but are not limited to:

  • Polymer injection into native soil strata
  • Load bearing capacity testing
  • Compressive strength test under variable conditions
  • Dimensional stability testing in saturated soils
  • Lifting capacity under extreme loads
  • At depth soil densification
  • Polymer expansion control
  • Hygiene testing

Dr. Randall W. Brown, PhD, P.E.

Dr. Randall W. Brown, PhD, P.E.

Lead Engineer

URETEK’s engineering department is lead by Dr. Randall W. Brown, PhD, P.E. Dr. Brown retired from the United States Air Force as Lieutenant Colonel and worked as a pavement and soils expert throughout his career. Dr. Brown’s experience and expertise gives URETEK a competitive edge in quality and value for clients.

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Companies who have entered our industry without proper training, experience, and unproven materials have caused damage to URETEK’s reputation along with costing our customers thousands of dollars in repair costs.

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