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Emergency Foundation Repair & Concrete Lifting Services

Like 911 for your concrete, URETEK is ready to help.

URETEK is capable of rapid mobilization and response in times of structural and geotechnical emergencies and can respond without delay to the most challenging concrete and soil problems.

Team URETEK can quickly stabilize dams, sinkholes, spillways and levees, seal leaky infrastructure and realign concrete slabs & foundations using a patented structural polymer. URETEK is no stranger to providing emergency solutions for clients such as the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Emergency Concrete & Soil Stabilization Services

  • Emergency stabilization of dams, spillways, levees and more.
  • Structural stabilization as a result of water main ruptures and leaks.
  • Sealing and stabilization of severely deficient infrastructure
  • Emergency concrete slab realignment.
  • Emergency soil erosion and sinkhole control.

Fast, Strong, Dependable, & Eco-Friendly Emergency Concrete & Soil Repair Solutions

URETEK Concrete Lifting Environmentally FriendlyThe URETEK stabilization solutions are ground improvement and re-leveling techniques that raise concrete slabs and fill voids using the regulated injection of lightweight, eco-friendly, non-hazardous expanding structural polymer.

The URETEK polymer material used in URETEK’s soil stabilization repair solutions, can fill voids and level concrete in weak or unstable soils. The URETEK polymer is designed to resist and remove high moisture content from the soil. With it’s hydro-insensitivity, the URETEK polymer maintains good compressive strength and rigidity even when injected directly into flowing water.

WATCH: URETEK Quickly Assists the USACE Stabilize Large Drainage Tunnels

Repair + Restore + Strengthen

Bring stability back to weak soil conditions.