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Commercial Foundation Repair

Keep commerce moving, increase asset value, and mitigate risk with URETEK’s non-intrusive concrete lifting and soil stabilization solutions.

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  • Sunken Floors
  • Interior Wall Cracks
  • Unbalanced Equipment
  • Gaps Under and Over Walls
  • Sticking Interior Doors
  • Settling Parking Area
  • Water Drainage Issues
  • Concrete Shifting
  • Voids & Trip Hazards

We used URETEK’s product & services to fill large voids under a non-structural slab a top a peat bog. The weight of conventional grouting would have caused further soil failure and possibly the failure of the foundation. The work URETEK did was even performed within an operating casino with no loss to gaming. Great job!

David Peterson

Senior Construction Manager, Halvorsen Group

Commercial Foundation Repair

A structural problem with your facility effects property asset value, raises the risk of liability issues, and jeopardizes the lease agreement with the tenant.

Don’t let a crumbing foundation chip away at your commercial business success with URETEK ICR commercial foundation repair services. We assess and resolve commercial foundation dilemmas while reducing commercial downtime with The URETEK Method®, a process that stabilizes clay soil settlement and lifts sunken concrete slabs using a high-density, expanding polyurethane injection.

Choose URETEK.

Increase Asset Value

Designed for speed. Longevity. URETEK quickly corrects problematic concrete and soil concerns, giving you short and long-term control of your commercial facility.

Minimal Shutdown

Adding to the bottom line by saving time. URETEK’s concrete lifting and soil stabilization procedure keeps your operation functioning at maximum efficiency, giving you bottom line control with satisfied tenants.


Risk Mitigation

Concrete maintenance a key to success. Reduce liability, business risk, and personal injury claims from trip hazards, vehicle hazards, water main ruptures, and loss of products. URETEK polymer has a 15:1 expansion rate and is capable of lifting extreme structural loads. URETEK polymer provides 90 percent strength in as little as 15 minutes.

Little Disruption

Low dust, low impact process. URETEK’s minimal dust, low noise, and equipment rarely require tenant relocation or removal of sensitive electronics. URETEK’s process reduces airborne allergens that may affect occupants.



  • Interior foundation lifting
  • Exterior foundation lifting
  • Trip Hazard Elimination
  • Equipment balancing
  • Beam lifting and stabilization
  • Weak soil compaction
  • Weak soil densification
  • Sinkhole remediation
  • Washout area void filling
  • Drive lane leveling
  • Drainage control
  • Parking area settlement correction