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school_hallway_injection When Indianola Academy in Indianola, MS, began noticing cracks in their hallway walls and, most peculiarly, pencils rolling off of the students’ uneven desks, they called in URETEK to fix the issues. URETEK was able to lift and level the three-inch degradation in their foundation in just one weekend. separate_block_wall URETEK’s services saves school administration time and money when repairing foundation and infrastructure damage on their properties. URETEK’s no-dig, direct injection system helps schools fix complex foundation problems fast – without having to wait until the end of the school year.

URETEK’s rigid structural polymers can be used to void fill, seal, lift or stabilize a variety of structures. The greatest advantage of utilizing URETEK’s Deep Injection Process® is the ability to complete repair with permanent results while minimizing disruption to school operations.  URETEK specializes in improving the weight-bearing capacity of subsurface soils through the injection of patented, lightweight, rigid, structural structural polymers.

Why Structural Polymer?

  • deep_inj_graphicPrecise Depth Installation
  • Minimal Excavation
  • Fast Curing and Non-Permeable
  • Minimal Operational Disruption
  • Environmentally Inert
  • Cost Effective


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