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Denver, ColoradoA local middle school experienced the effects of expansive soil on a pair of large, ice chiller thermal storage units used for numerous school refrigeration needs. Each storage unit was placed on independent, reinforced concrete pads to maintain a continuous, even elevation for support and proper unit function.  Substantial damage and malfunction to each unit was highly probable if the supporting concrete pad was uneven.

Not just any refrigerator:

The concern was the potential of the units to be out of service for the school year. Expansive soils shifted beneath the concrete support pads causing an unsatisfactory level for the chiller units to continue functioning.  To avoid damage to the units, both were taken out of service until a repair plan was initiated. The concern for the school district was to have the chiller units functioning at capacity, supported on level concrete pads in time for the upcoming school year.

Due to the cost and downtime for the school and potential hazard of damaging each unit through relocation, a choice was made to use a high-density, polyurethane grouting technique perfected by URETEK.  URETEK’s Patented, Deep Injection® Process densifies weak soil zones at specified depths to re-support each pad.

This process solved three main concerns:

  • Eliminate relocation of the heavy units
  • Stabilize volatile soils
  • Leveled the units to 3/4″ tolerance to restore functionality and capability

Benefits of URETEK’s Deep Injection® Process:

  • No disruption to ongoing or upcoming school activities
  • Re-alignment of concrete pads completed in one day
  • Elimination of damage to the units associated with unstable pads
  • Soil load bearing capacity increased to support chiller weight
  • No, air, water, or landfill pollution (NSF 61 Listed Material)

After elevation profiles were taken, injection locations were determined to stabilize weak soil strata and realign the chiller units.  Operators injected at depths of 3 feet at an angle to allow greater material coverage for maximum unit stability.  After stabilizing the weakest soil zones, additional injections realigned the pads within the 3/4″ tolerance for the ice chillers to function properly without damaging each unit.

URETEK ICR Rocky Mountain is part of a global organization focused on controlling complex concrete lifting and soil stabilization issues for commercial, industrial, residential, and infrastructure applications. URETEK ICR holds numerous patents in concrete lifting and soil stabilization using high-density, expanding polyurethane grout. URETEK ICR headquarters is based in Tomball, Texas, with licensed affiliates throughout the United States.